About UC

Our Mission

The epicenter of education, training and technology along the I-95 corridor in northeastern Maryland, University Center is a campus community comprised of leading Universities and conference facilities providing students and professionals with opportunities to cost effectively earn their degrees, advance their careers and successfully connect in a welcoming, growth-centered atmosphere.

Our History

male nurseThe Higher Education and Conference Center (HECC) at HEAT formally announced its new name, “University Center” (UC) in October, 2013, embarking on a rebranding effort to increase awareness of the center and its higher education offerings, as well as high-tech resources for corporations to best serve the community at large.

Since 1995, the HECC or HEAT Center, now known as University Center, has been providing a convenient, multipurpose and tech-friendly facility for higher education and training. University Center and other regional higher education centers around Maryland were officially established by law in 2000 to provide high school graduates access to affordable higher education in areas of the state which have few institutions of higher learning.

The Center was further impacted in 2012 by House Bill 362 mandating the establishment of a Northeastern Maryland Higher Education Advisory Board. The board works collaboratively with the University Center and its Advisory Board to support higher education in Harford and Cecil counties.

University Center partners with top regional and nationally-known Maryland colleges and universities to provide Associate, Bachelor and Master Degree Programs as well as Certification Programs and career advancement and training. UC has also grown to include meeting, conference and training space for area businesses, and it is committed to continuing to grow its university and education partnerships well into the future.

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