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Doctor of Education (Ed.D) – Community College Leadership

Through providing Morgan State University education and research opportunities focused on expanding the frontiers of knowledge and addressing issues central to community colleges, the Community College Leadership Doctoral Program (CCLDP) seeks to carry out the University’s mandate to “serve the community with distinction while meeting the educational needs of an increasingly diverse society…to continue to play a prominent role in Maryland’s education future.” The CCLDP also extends the University’s mission, “…to serve a multi-ethnic and multi-racial student body and to help ensure that the benefits of higher education are enjoyed by a broad segment of the population.”

The CCLDP promotes educational excellence in a multicultural urban environment. We ensure opportunities for academic achievement in preparation for leadership positions in community colleges by creating a learning environment which is innovative, accessible, diverse, and responsive. The major goals are to:

  • provide doctoral-level training (Leadership Preparation),
  • provide access to leadership development preparation, and
  • promote, connect and support research that increase and
  • improve the success of community college leaders.

Contact Information

Contact:  Dr. R. Gillett-Karam at 443-885-1989

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