University Center Offers Hopkins Masters Degree Program and UMBC Certification Class to the APG Cyber Community

University Center Offers Hopkins Masters Degree Program and UMBC Certification Class to the APG Cyber Community

Aberdeen, MD (November 26, 2014) – As network and IT architecture have become increasingly sophisticated and repeatedly hacked, University Center (UC) has added to its growing list of course and continuing education for contractors and personnel of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG) to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of
cyber security. A Masters Degree program from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and a certificate program, Cyber Development Program, from the
honors school University of Maryland Baltimore County Training Center, is now being offered at University Center.

Both programs are being offered to contractors and personnel of APG in a pre-emptive effort to protect the integrity of much of the research and development done at the naval
special warfare center. JHU’s Masters Degree will offer a comprehensive program focused on countermeasures against network hackers and analysis of network protocols to identify weak or soft access points. The program will begin in 2015, but information sessions begin on December 2, 2014 at UC, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The certificate program offered in partnership with UMBC Training Center has been in place at UC since early October of this year. The program lasts 34 weeks and began October 6 and will end on June 1. The program covers a wide range of topics including: programming in various languages and types, data environments, as well as debugging
and reverse engineering.

“The Communications Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC) is very excited about our evolving partnership with the University Center,” said Victor A. Carrozzo of APG. “UC is an excellent conduit to grow and develop the APG cyber workforce not only for our organization, but for the entire APG Cyber Community. As the ‘pilot’ organization, we are working under the auspices of the APG Command-University Center Educational Partnership Agreement (EPA).” Carrozzo continues, “The EPA allows us to
leverage the Center’s strengths that include excellent educational facilities, convenient location and the ability to interface not only with numerous state schools, but out-ofstate schools as well. Subsequently, the working arrangement provides us maximum flexibilities in providing educational opportunities.”

These two programs are typical of the types of programs offered at UC, which acts as a satellite campus for five universities and one training center in the state, offering a much wider and far more detailed level of education to the Harford County than would otherwise be available. Though there is a partnership with APG, the center is a way to be able to provide some of the best educational opportunities in the country to professionals in Harford County and the surrounding areas. “With the number of data breaches and threats to our homeland security, it’s important that our higher education facilities make this a primary focus to ensure the ‘safety’ of the cyber community,” says Nancy Spence, Director of University Center. “Hopkins and UMBC Training Center offer are two of the top cyber security programs and degree offerings in the country, allowing us to give APG employees and contractors the absolute best-of-the-best.”

University Center encourages businesses in Harford County that would benefit from cyber security courses and program offerings, to contact UC at: 443.360.9200. University Center will assess the need and will consider developing additional cyber security cohort programs for those cyber security professionals in Harford County who are not affiliated with APG.

About University Center
University Center (UC) is a convenient, multipurpose and tech-friendly facility used for training and higher education located in Aberdeen, Md., which is the technology and economic growth center of Northeastern Maryland. UC partners with top universities and colleges, as well as training centers including, Notre Dame of Md. University, Towson University, Johns Hopkins University, Morgan State University, University of Md. College Park and University of Maryland Baltimore County Training Center, offering three bachelor degrees, two post bachelor certifications and twelve master’s degrees. Its tech-friendly facility is a valued resource to many businesses and government agencies needing to conduct training and hold small conferences in Northeastern Maryland. University Center is managed by Harford Community College and is housed in a County-owned building on State of Maryland property.

Juliette Bogus

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