University of Delaware Offers Information Session on Cyber Security

University Center is pleased to announce that The Communications – Electronics Research, Development & Engineering Center (CERDEC)  will be offering a graduate level certificate in the Fundamentals of Cyber Security. Courses will be offered by the University of Delaware at University Center, a full-service regional higher education facility, located in Aberdeen, MD. These courses are open to all CERDEC Engineers and Scientists (E&S), all other APG E&S employees, and APG E&S contractors. Classes will meet once a week and will start around 3:30pm.

All applicants for the Fundamentals of Cyber Security must be approved by their employing organization and the University of Delaware. One three-credit class will be offered during the spring, summer and fall semesters with the first delivery slated to begin 10 February 2016. The cost will be paid by the participant’s organization. For those wishing to further their independent studies, all coursework will apply towards a University of Delaware Master’s Degree in Cyber Security. If there are more applicants than we can accommodate, a panel will make final selections.

Information Session

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pick one session: 11:30am or 4:30pm

University Center, 1201 Technology Drive (room 130), Aberdeen MD 21001

Curriculum/Description of Courses: Cohort Courses: (9 credits)

CPEG/ELEG/CISC/MISY 665 Introduction to Cybersecurity (CYBER I)

Introduction to computer and network security covers the foundation security policies and methods to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability, as well as cryptography, auditing, and user security. Topics are reinforced with hands-on exercises run in a virtual machine environment.

CPEG694 System Hardening and Protection

Practical treatment of the defensive techniques used to harden computer systems to make them less vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Defect management, configuration/ hardening, account control, logs/auditing, and risk assessment are covered and reinforced with hands-on exercises run in a virtual machine environment.

CPEG697 Advanced Cyber Security (CYBER II)

This seminar course explores areas in advanced computer and network security not covered in introductory
cybersecurity classes. Course provides insight into realistic complex defensive and offensive cybersecurity topics such
as DoS attacks, DNS security, Email spam, On-line Authentication, Phishing, Cloud Security, Malware, and Web security


CERDEC contacts:

Natalie Grenoble at 443-861-7577

Victor Carrozzo at 443-861-7576

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