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Through Wilmington University at UC, students have the opportunity to pursue a career and become a leader. It’s not just about meeting your potential, it’s about exceeding it. Below are the Degree programs being offered at University Center.


Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science

The purpose of the Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice is to prepare students to enter or advance in jobs within the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, corrections, and the courts. Upon completion of the undergraduate program, some students may also consider graduate study in law or criminology (sociology). A certificate program in criminal justice is also available.

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Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

This degree is intended for students who have an interest in healthcare roles which provide managerial, educational, and/ or clinical expert direction as well as attracting those students on a pathway toward graduate study. The Health Sciences program intends to stimulate continued professional development and advancement toward graduate education.  The Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences is available as both a Four-year degree program and a Completion degree program. The Completion program is for allied health practitioners who have an earned Associate Degree with an allied health concentration. Many baccalaureate programs do not recognize the specialized preparation of allied health practitioners, and the credits earned in their specialty may not be transferable to other institutions. At Wilmington University, up to 75 credits can be applied towards the baccalaureate degree. Wilmington’s completion degree is projected to assist allied health practitioners to advance in their relative disciplines by preparing them for expanded roles in allied health.

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Computer and Network Security, Bachelor of Science

Today, businesses of all sizes depend upon a networked computer system connected to the Internet. Computer and network technologies have greatly increased employee productivity, elevated the status of “information” to that of a corporate asset, and reduced the cost of doing business. Unfortunately, the same technology that makes life easier for the employee also makes life easier for cyber criminals and more difficult for the IT professionals whose responsibility it is to secure the organization’s vital data. To protect themselves, companies seek professionals with the strongest security credentials available. In order to address such workplace demands, a program of study has been crafted that provides not only a foundation for the core of the degree, but also support from related disciplines to provide a well-rounded education. The General Education core and support courses interact with the security core to deliver a “complete package.”

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Business Administration, Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration program is designed to prepare students for management and leadership positions in all types of business enterprises including health care organizations, financial institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. The program is designed with an emphasis on executive skills development, quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques, and the knowledge and professional capabilities necessary for the execution of complex managerial duties in today’s global business environment. Embedded in the MBA program is an appreciation for the role of business in a pluralistic society and the international community.

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Contact Information

For Criminal Justice
Dr. James P. Warwick
Chair, Criminal Justice Program
302 356-6863

For Health Sciences
Ms. Angela J. Herman
Chair, Health Sciences Program
302 356-6890

For Computer Network Security
Dr. Mark J. Hufe
Director, Cyber Security Education
302 356-6869

For Business Administration
Dr. Clinton D. Robertson
Assistant Dean
302 295-1148

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